7th January

Important announcement by the Venerable Richard Ormston, Archdeacon of Northampton


I am delighted to announce that the Reverend Natalie (Nat) White, currently Assistant Curate of Corby St Columba & the Northern Saints has been appointed Team Vicar in the Daventry Team, with special responsibility for Braunston, Ashby St Ledgers and Welton.

Nat’s licensing service will be held on Saturday 28th April at Braunston Church at 3pm.

Bishop Donald and Archdeacon Richard are very grateful to all who helped with the preparation of the benefice profile, all the arrangements for the interview day and for the continuing and encouraging ministry of the parishes in the service of Christ during the vacancy.

I ask for your prayers for Nat as she completes her appointment in Corby and as she prepares to move to Braunston. Please also pray for Pete, Nat’s husband.

The Venerable Richard Ormston Archdeacon of Northampton

A very warm welcome to St Martin’s Church in the village of Welton and just a short distance away from the newer developments of Middlemore, Monksmore and Lang Farm on the edge of Daventry. Traditionally a typical village church, we are also keen to serve newer communities and offer the love and transforming power of Christ to everyone. Or to put it prosaically, we are a local church and very much open for business!

Like most churches we are not perfect - it comes with being human beings- and if you want to be offended by us we can probably manage it. But we live in hope of improvement as we come to know Christ better and we understand that God loves and accepts us in a way that none of us deserve and so we seek to be a church worthy of our founder, even if we are inevitably a work in progress!

You may be looking at our website for any number of reasons. Perhaps you are looking for a place to worship and be in community with other Christians. Perhaps you are interested in knowing more about the Christian faith and who Jesus is and if either have any relevance in our stressy and complicated society today. Perhaps you are looking for a place for a wedding or somewhere "to have the baby done". Maybe you are coming to terms with loss or dealing with guilt, anger or some other problem that stops you living a full and abundant life. Maybe you need some help or prayer. Whatever the reason, whoever you are, wherever you’ve been and whatever you have done the love of God is waiting for you and you will be welcome at this church.

Hopefully you will feel moved to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

Rev Sarah Brown and St Martin’s leadership team

'Lord, if your people still need me, I will keep working'     St Martin of Tours