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Listed Places Of Worship Roof Repair Fund
At their Annual Parochial Church Meeting on 30th April 2017, the congregation of St Martin's recorded their sincere appreciation of the help, both professional and financial, received from the Listed Places Of Worship Rainwater Fund during 2016.
This assistance and grant facilitated the replacement of all cast iron guttering, downpipes and re-pointing of high level stonework and ground level drainage gullies, which St Martin's could not have otherwise afforded.
This project put a halt to the degradation of the church's stonework from previously leaking guttering and rainwater drainage system, thereby extending the structural life of the building for generations to come for which we are eternally grateful.
R I Somerville: Churchwarden.
LPOW Project ref: LW-15-05218

'Lord, if your people still need me, I will keep working'     St Martin of Tours